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New Holocaust Museum to Open in Cocoa Beach Florida

This unique traveling art museum, created and staffed by school children, opens for five days beginning Sunday, April 19. The student artists, ranging from grade school through high school, travel with the museum and serve as guides.

Top Florida State Parks you Must Visit

Florida has it all, all you are looking to enjoy during you Florida vacation you can find it here; from natural springs to white sandy beaches. Please don’t forget your camera, because you will surely want to

5 Celebrity Chef Restaurants in Florida

Visiting Florida and wanting to enjoy some unique and delightful cuisine? Then listen up you food lovers; Florida’s dining scene is bursting at the seams and celebrity chefs from far and wide are honing in and opening nosh

Fun Florida Museums you didn’t Know About

There are so many wonderful, entertaining and fun things to do in Florida that are most popular among tourists and visitors. But there are other things that are not so popular, but when tried they are just

Benefits found in the Orlando International Airport

If you didn’t know it already the Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest International airports around the world. If you are planning a family vacation to Orlando Florida and its surroundings, make sure you take

Reasons why Florida is the Vacation spot

Florida is visited by thousands of people every year for their vacations. The reason this place is so famous is the presence of some of the most exotic places on earth. People from around the globe come